How to Hide Acne and Blemishes with Makeup

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Anyone who has suffered from acne and blemishes knows the struggle and stress they bring to you. Whether you are having a great hair day or nailing at work, one bad breakout can be very annoying and mood-changing. The same feeling also applies when you are at school, enjoying friends and company, or having a date. They are not just ugly and irritating, but they are also itchy, inconvenient and painful. You can consult experts in Vail Dermatology for a formal chek -up of your acne problems. 

Pimples come in different shapes and sizes. They are also caused by different factors. They can be genetically induced, or environmentally triggered. But here is the good news, if you cannot immediately treat them with products, masks, and others, hiding and concealing them is the easiest and fastest way. What you will learn can help you be prepared for breakouts wherever you are. 

First thing first. Putting a lot of makeup on fresh acne and pimples is ideally no a good thing to do. It will hide them, yes, but the chemicals and makeup residue slow down the healing process. According to a beauty expert, “one common mistake of women is that they immediately put different layers of makeup to fresh acne and pimples. However, if your acne and zits have already healed and you are left with a lot of ugly blemishes, you can do the following: 

1. Start bare 

Before you pat some foundation and put makeup on, make sure that you already have washed your face and put some moisturizer. A clean and moisturized face will give your makeup a good surface.  

2. Put some primer on 

Put some primer using your fingertips. The primer helps to ensure that your make up stays all day. Other experts recommend women to wait for a few minutes before applying some foundation and concealer 

3.Apply concealer to areas with acne and blemishes in a criss-cross method 

Do not be restrictive with your concealer. Be generous with it. A good amount of concealer will make good coverage. Make sure to cover each blemish with the concealer. Blend it by gentle pats.  

There color-correcting concealer available in the market. These products promise to provide better coverage for your acne compared to normal concealer. You can give it a try.  

You can also invest in a different concealer for dark eyes.  

4.Apply your foundation with a brush 

A stipple brush can make good coverage for your acne especially when you are using liquid foundation. In this way, you also avoid removing the concealer you already applied.  

5.Pat some pressed powder 

After a few minutes, pat some pressed powder on your face to ensure the whole make up stays the whole day. You can also use a fluffy brush for pressed powder 

6. Use a finishing spray 

The spray can help you set the makeup and avoid making your face look cakey. After this, you can now put the rest of the makeup like contour, lipstick, eyebrows and some blush on. 

Take Away 

After the day, remove all the makeup you have put on your face. This will help the healing process of your acne 

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